KKCT-Photo Contest


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Dear young and creative people of Puttur, Here is the contest that would satiate your artistic indulgence…

KKCPTR have always wanted that it would exhort the pervasive talent that was till date grossly taken for granted. The expertise of the housewives to draw moggu in front of their homes, the intuition of the farmer when he skillfully dodges stones when ploughs the farms, the chivalry of the puttur men, the rhythmic nature of the regional dialect, the caution and conscience of the people grazing cattle and many more things.

KKCPTR as always wants to remain ahead of others when it comes to finding and rewarding the native talent.

Stand still and look around and contemplate the culture, people, horizons, mountains, fields and the sun at KKCT, PutturCapture them the way you see and admire them. In the broad day light either you take shelter under the shades of these giant buildings @ KKC or under the trees or let the sun sheer through your camera lens the images that you capture will contain the needed hues.

Do you have …

  • the creativity in you?
  • passion for Photography?
  • an eye for good things around you?
  • desire for catching unique things in our campus?

Puttur youth has this opportunity to participate and witness this creative event.

Here’s an opportunity to show it the world!!! And get rewarded!!!
Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Come join the fun!!!
It is all very simple…
all you need to do is pick your camera/mobile and
capture anything interesting and
submit to us.

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The “I Love My KKC” Contest nurtures an aspirational KKCians who wishes to share important stories/ moments and influence the way people think through his/her photography because 
“Images convey messages that cannot be told by words.”

I love my KKC contest aims at bringing out the creative thinking of all KKCians. It is also an opportunity for all KKCians to express their affection and bond with KKC. It is a contest in which words have minimum relevance and the imaginative thinking of the individuals has maximum importance. The contest also aims at bringing out the innate and inherent talent to encompass inclusive growth.


[su_spoiler title=”Prizes and Rewards” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]

  • Photographs selected for posting in the website : Rs.100
  • The best photograph of the year : Rs.500
  • The best two photographs will receive certificate.


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General guidelines:

  • The contest is open to all the students and staff (both teaching and non-teaching) of KKC Group of Institutions.
  • The competition is open throughout the year.
  • The copyrights of all the photographs received under the contest would be with KKC management.
  • All the photographs should focus the things within KKC campus
  • The photographs should mainly speak about Infrastructure at KKC, building, corridor events at KKC, seminars, guest lectures, faculty development programme, student’s seminar, landscapes and nature within the campus.
  • If there are more than one winning entry the prize money will be shared among the winners
  • The decision of the jury members of the contest would be final and no correspondence or talks would be entertained after the decision is taken

Submission guidelines:

  • Photographs should be submitted in JPEG format in CD /DVD to HOD, Department of CSE, KKC Institute of Technology and Engineering.
  • Images should accompany a small write up of about 2 or 3 lines.
  • Participant’s details like name, age, gender, mobile no, designation and contact must be submitted.
  • The management of KKC, Puttur is not responsible for any lapse in communication


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Coming Soon.