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The Dept of Computer Science and Engineering is presently headed by Mr. S.R. Sreekanth


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The Department of Computer Science & Engineering at KKCT, Puttur is established in the year 2008 along with the college with an intake of 90 in its B.Tech Programme, besides an additional 20% under lateral entry scheme.

Special Features of the Department:

  1. The faculty in the computer science & Engineering department consists of well qualified engineering professionals with extensive teaching experience. Faculty members hold doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate degrees from renowned institutions with specializations in subjects like Computer Networks, Information Sciences, Data structures and algorithms, Data mining and Digital Image Processing.
  2. Each staff prepares a lesson plan and maintains a class diary. Students have complete access to the course file for the subject they handle. Course file includes syllabus, class plan, lesson plan, question bank, lab manuals, assignments and notes.
  3. Excellent infrastructure.
  4. Number of Laboratories 03 + 01 Project Lab.
  5. Department library has well stocked books, journals and technical literature and internet facility.
  6. Laboratories are adequately equipped with Networked computer systems with Xeon Server, printers, projectors.
  7. Continuous power supply from a generator, located in the campus.
  8. Career guidance from training and placement officer.
  9. Special classes are arranged for the benefit of students needing extra help and a one to one interaction with respective lecturers.

Goals and Objectives:

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  • Long range / Short range Goals


  1. Producing a brilliant and well trained Engineering graduates.
  2. Achieving Academic Excellence by promoting Research & training activities among the faculty & students.
  3. Conducting the Staff Development Programmes.
  4. Conducting the National Level technical symposium.
  5. Improving the Infrastructure and promoting the consultancy work.
  6. Promote active faculty participation and provide leadership opportunities.

It is the constant endeavor of the department in bringing excellent results in all the semesters. Overall passing percentage for VIII semester for the year 2008-2012 is 100%.

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