KKCT, Puttur, Computer Center

KKCPTR,KKCT,Puttur,Computer Lab

KKCT, Puttur has every reason to boast about the State-of-the-art, air conditioned Computer Centre which has around 500 systems with LAN connection and high speed Internet facility. Optimum configuration is the watchword at KKCT, Puttur; rather than installing high end servers beyond requirements. Both Network and Systems are built and maintained by assembling custom and easy configurations that would help in effortless and secured functioning. The common configuration for lab and office desktops has Microsoft windows operating systems as OS, 18.5″ LCD monitors, i3 Core processor with 500GB hard disc and 4GB RAM. There are about 30 systems dedicated to cater the internet requirements of the students after the college hours. This internet facility functions between 3.00PM and 6.00PM, the centre has proved to be a great resource for the students to meet their online requirements regarding references. This net centre is also equipped with a printer.

Power back-up for the Computer Centre
10KVA Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with 3 hours back up.
62.5KVA Diesel Generator Set.

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